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Zaroon trading has evolved as one of the best companies for foodstuff supply, food trading, and repackaging services. We are a trading company that offers high-quality food products. The wide range includes fruits, pulses, vegetables, meat, dry fruits, kinds of seafood, frozen food, meat, continental spices, and rice. Our services are UK based, and we focus on the quality of what we offer to our clients. The entire workforce is benefitted through employment opportunities and a brighter future. For maintaining the freshness of our products during the whole procedure and delivery, we avail the facility of freezers and chillers in our warehouses

Our Mission

Zaroon trading believes in delivering the clients with the best from the best sellers. We promised to supply these organic products with great vitality for all those who trust us. We believe in trust, hard work, and dedication in our work. We aim to provide a massive opportunity for the farmers through our business. Our steady goal is to stay restricted to organic poultry and agriculture to benefit the country and people there.


The leading factors our company holds are quality, customer support, organic products, fast and efficient supply, free shipping services, and packaging full of love and care. Our trusted farmers in the UK use Climate-friendly methods. We aim to stick with the best food traders throughout our journey. Our client’s satisfaction and healthy happiness are all that we need. Zaroon trading has always stood against unhealthy food suppliers and has eliminated such threats from the roots of our company.

Our Products.

Continental spices

Continental spices are the blend of traditional flavours from around the globe that indeed enhances the taste of recipes followed at every home.


Vegetables include the freshness and variety of taste that differs from one vegetable to the other, providing families open options as per their preference. .


All types of juicy fruits enriched with various multivitamins and mineral salts are here for our clients to maintain their fitness and healthy lifestyle. 


Jellied and learned a variety of meat products is the promise of Zaroon traders having unique tender and juicy meat from the animals fed on an organic diet. 


Pulses have all that we need for our body to work actively. Best growing methods are used by farmers to provide the clients with their best.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits fulfil the need for the human body that is not commonly found in other food products. It strengthens the body organs to function appropriately, bearing all the stress.


Organic rice full of flavours is the all-time favourite of everyone. It is enriched with plenty of benefits related to the health of an individual.

Edible oils

Edible oils are the widely used products in cooking. The time is replacing simple cooking oils with more organic and edible ones as a great initiative. 

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Lahore Office: Office No.18, Naqi Arcade, 71-The Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Call: +92 423 2801559        Dubai Office: Park Lane Plaza, 12th Floor, Office No. 1213, Down Town, Dubai UAE.
Call: +971 58 1439463
WhatsApp: +971 54 5277366
London Office: 3rd Floor, 244 Edgware Road, London W2 1DS, UK.
WhatsApp: +44 7391 758 721
Email: info@zaroontrading.com

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