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Type – Used as whole or ground.

Characteristics – Small brown berry. Flavour resembles a combination cinnamon, clove & nutmeg.

Used in – Sausages, braised, eats, poached fish, cooked fruits, puddings etc.

Type – Herb leaf, fresh or dried.

Characteristics – Aromatic green leaf, member of the mint family. Can be grown fresh in warm weather

Used in – Tomato dishes, pesto egg dishes, salads, marinades, fish, compound butter.

Type – Whole leaf herb.

Characteristics – Stiff, dark green, oblong leaf, pungent aroma. Comes from Laurel tree

Used in – Stocks, soups, saucesRoast or Braised meat etc.

Type – Whole Spice, Seed.

Characteristics – Dark Brown, Curved seed. Grown in Northern Europe.

Used in – Rye bread, cabbage, sauerkraut, Other European Cuisine.

Type – Whole pod or ground seed spice.

Characteristics – Tiny brown seeds, white on green pods, sweet & aromatic expensive. Origin or Native of India & Guatemala.

Used in – Pickling, danish pastries, curries etc.

Product Details Ingredient Declaration Cayenne Flavor And Odour Pungent, well know and characteristic of Cayenne Appearance Bright red/orange free flowing powder Particle Size 30 mesh sieve Moisture % <11 Total…

Type – Whole or ground spice, seed.

Characteristics – Tiny brown seed, with strong celery flavour. Too much can create a hot spice effect.

Used in – Salads, dressings, pickling, tomato dishes, marinades etc.

Type – Herb leaf, fresh or dried.

Characteristics – Mild flavour of parsley and tarragon.

Used in – Soups, salads, sauces, egg dishes, chicken, fish, dressing etc.

Type – Ground spice or blend.

Characteristics – Blend of ground cumin, chili pepper, oregano, allspice.

Used in – Chili, Stews, sauces, ground meat etc.

Type – Fresh, Dried, frozen.

Characteristics – Fine, hollow, green top of a very small onion.

Used in – Salads, egg * cheese dishes, fish soups, sauces

Type – Leaf herb, dried or fresh.

Characteristics – Light green aromatic leaf. The shape of flat parsley but much more pungent flavour. Leaf taken from coriander seeds.

Used in – Salads, salsa, sauces, soups, dressing etc.

Type – Stick or ground spice.

Characteristics – Aromatic bark from cinnamon or cassia tree with a reddish brown colour. A native of India.

Used in – Preserves, stewed fruits, bread, pastries, desserts, ham, hot beverages.

Type – Whole or ground spice.

Characteristics – Dried flower bud of tropical clove tree, pungent, sweet in flavour. A native of Indonesia.

Used in – Marinades, stocks, sauces, braised meats, ham, pastries, fruits and cakes, pickling etc.

Type – Whole or ground spice.

Characteristics – Seed of cilantro leaf. Round, light brown seed. Slights aromatic flavour. Native to Argentina and Morocco.

Used in – Pickling, sausage, stock, pork, curries, gingerbread, salsa, dressing etc.

Type – Whole or ground spice.

Characteristics – Small seed resembling caraway, but lighter in colour. Grown in Mexico.

Used in – Ingredient in chilli and curry powder blends. Sausage, meats, salsa, egg & cheese dishes.

Type –  Ground blend, spice.

Characteristics – Mixture of approx. 20 or more spices, peppery, yellow in colour, include turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, clove, cinnamon etc. Spiciness can very from mild to very hot.

Used in – Curry dishes, vegetables, soups, sauces, meat, fish dish etc.

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