Zaroon trading deals in the trade of rice, wheat, fruits, dry fruits, frozen products, continental spices, pulses, meat, and all kinds of seafood. We provide fresh and safe food to all our clients. we have a group of local suppliers who deliver us the best products.

We understand the sensitive nature of the products we deal in therefore, to ensure the freshness and safety of our products we use top-quality chillers and freezers. We transport the products using the same equipment and maintain a strict quality check.

Yes, we deal in an exclusive range of exotic spices including cloves, nutmeg, basil, oregano, juniper berry, and many more. Our spices are quality controlled and have an authentic flavor. We believe in supplying the world with the flavors of nature in their original form.

Most of our trusted farmers are based in the UK and we deliver their products all around the world. we are determined to bring fresh and healthy food to everyone’s doorstep at affordable rates without compromising on its quality so our reach is all around the world.

To place an order, just visit our website and select the products and their quantities that you would like to order. Then, in the given form fill in your details and shipping location. After confirming the order, you will receive a confirmation email and after that, you will be able to track your order until it arrives.

For our strict quality control, we select our suppliers after a long period of close observation and scrutinization. If a product is even a little bit off the quality charts, we discard it. The health of our customers is our only priority therefore, we take all the necessary measures to ensure it.

Yes, we deal in all kinds of organically grown foods. These products are supplied by local farmers. These products are grown strictly on an organic diet. Our suppliers and farmers grow all the products according to these guidelines.

We do in-house production and also buy products from trusted suppliers and farmers. In-house products, as well as bought products all, pass the quality control checks set up by our company. In the end, only the top-quality batches are sent out to be shipped.

If you are a supplier of seafood, vegetables, fruits, organic meat, or spices then you can collaborate with us as a supplier. On our website, you can send us your details comprising your details and a little information about the products you supply.

We accept suppliers who believe in providing authentic, healthy, and safe organic food to everyone. These are the qualities that all our suppliers have. We do not accept any supplier who isn’t serious about the quality of the products they produce.

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