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Style Parboiled
Cultivation Type Organic
Shelf Life 1 Year
Color White
Variety Short Grain
Texture Hard
Specialty Gluten Free, High In Protein, No Artificial Color, No Genetic Engineering
Packaging size As per Customer Requirement
Packing type Customized


Basmati Rice 386 Zaroon Trading is one of the leading rice suppliers and exporters of the finest basmati rice, non basmati rice and non pesticide rice in the world. We…

Basmati Rice 386 Parboiled Sella Rice Having identified the required quantity of the wanted type of Basmati Rice 386 Parboiled Sella Rice, and after learning about the exporting companies, you now…

Basmati Rice 386 Pre-Steam Rice Known as long grain Basmati 386 Pre-Steam Rice, it is considered one of the most famous rice types in all world countries, especially the UAE;…

Basmati Rice 386 White Rice Rice is the main category of food for more than half of the world’s population, especially the people of Asia, as it is a valuable…

Basmati Rice Kainat Basmati Rice Kainat is a particular type of long grain rice. It has a distinctive smell home to the Asian subcontinent. Basmati Rice Kainat is a Tradition…

Basmati Rice Kainat Parboiled Sella Basmati Rice Kainat Parboiled Sella, Central Asia, as long as the rice is the primary food in Asia and the globe, about half of the…

Basmati Rice Kainat Pre-Steam Rice Basmati Rice Kainat Pre-Steam Rice is a feature type of long-grain rice, which begins in South Asia. It is a crucial part of people’s routine…

Basmati Rice Kainat Steam Rice Basmati Rice Kainat Steam Rice, originates from Pakistan in Asia and also India. Kainat Rice is labeled the essential stack of food worldwide because it…

Basmati Rice Kainat White We have different types and sizes of basmati rice kainat white for sale in wholesale. I guarantee you the prices of the competition of wholesale quantities…

Product Features 
Origin Pakistan
Process Milled White Rice(RAW)
Broken Percentage 0%
Moisture under 14%
Average Grain Length 8.2-8.34mm
Polishing Grade 100% Double Polished Colour Sortexed & Proccessed
Texture Silky, Polished
Paddy Grain 1% Max
Color White
Storage Store in a Cool Place Protected from Light


Moisture Content: 13%
Average Grain Length: 6.9 MM
Polishing Grade: Double / Silky Polished
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow: 0.1%
Broken Grains: 3% – 5%
Chalky Grains: 3%
Contrasting Varieties: 7%
Foreign Grains: Nil
Foreign Matter: Nil
Paddy Grain: Nil
Under-milled & Red-striped: Nil
Milling Grades Available: White / Parboiled

C9 100% Broken Rice Perhaps, no cereal can boast such a variety of species and varieties as C9 100% Broken Rice. And it is better to get to understand this…

C9 Parboiled Sella Rice C9 Parboiled Sella Rice is highlighted on the shelves of shops with an unusual creamy, yellowish or golden hue. C9 Parboiled Sella Rice confidently entered the…

C9 Steam Rice The C9 Steam Rice is a unique technology that enhances the quality features of rice grains. As a result of C9 Steam Rice processing steam, vitamins and…

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