Supri Rice



Supri Rice

Buy Supri Rice, from Pakistan; we have a regular variety of non-basmati supri rice grown from June to the end of June every year. The well-known array of non-basmati, supri rice, has been stored in the Upper Sindh region of Pakistan for many years. The seed of supri rice exceptionally lengthens to its height & cookery as matched to IRRI6. Basmati supri Rice, one of its kind Pakistani nonbasmati, is prudently chosen from paddy’s special and unique quality.

With extensive efforts, harvested by farmers’ hands in the entire region with the best clay for farm and the proper climatic requirements to gather this non-basmati supri rice.


16 Types and Price of Supri Rice


  1. New Supri White Rice PKR=2350/-
  2. New SellaSupri Rice PKR=2550/-
  3. New Supri 386 PKR=2450/-
  4. Old Supri386 PKR=2700/-
  5. Old Rice Supei 2nd quality Rate PKR=4600/-
  6. New Rice Supri category b Rate PKR=4400/-
  7. 1121 White SupriRice Rate PKR=4000/-
  8. 1121 SupriSella Rice Rate PKR=4300/-
  9. 1121 SupriSteam Rice Rate PKR=4900/-
  10. Short Grain SupriPKR=2500/=
  11. B-I Silky Supri New PKR=1900/-
  12. B-II Silky SupriNew PKR=1650/-
  13. Naku Silky Unit Supri rice Rate PKR=1300/-
  14. Naku Sheller W SupriRate PKR=1260/-
  15. Naku Sheller B SupriRate PKR=1225/-
  16. Powder Sheller Superior Unit PKR=1000/-


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