IRRI-6 Processed


Moisture Content: 14% Max.
Average Grain Length: 6.0 MM
Polishing Grade: Reasonably Well-milled.
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow: 5% Max.
Broken Grains: 25% Max. Below 3/4 of grain length.
Chalky Grains: 12% Max.
Foreign Grains: 3.0% Max.
Foreign Matter: 1.4% Max.
Paddy Grain: Max. 20 pcs per kilogram.
Under-milled & Red-striped: 4% Max.
Milling Grades Available: White IRRI 6 Rice   Sella IRRI 6 Rice
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IRRI-6 Processed

IRRI-6 Processed

Good news for IRRI-6 Processed lovers that the prices of Basmati IRRI-6 Processed rice have come down for wholesale buying. Due to the production in the export market of IRRI-6 Processed, prices have come down in the indigenous market, due to which IRRI-6 Processed cultivation has not determined to be helpful for the farmers this year. It is being told that this reduction in the costs of IRRI-6 Processed is the biggest fall in the last five years.


IRRI-6 Processed exports have declined by 10 percent in the first seven months of the modern financial year, due to which the cost of IRRI-6 Processed rice in the domestic business has fallen by 20 percent from last year. Traders say that due to the high production of basmati rice and sluggish exports, pressure is being seen on prices.


ZaroonTrading IRRI-6 Processed Shipping all over the world


Let us know at Zaroon Trading to import IRRI-6 Processed rice from India and Pak for some time. Earlier, also the export of IRRI-6 Processed rice to Asian countries


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