IRRI 6 Parboiled (Sella Rice)



IRRI 6 Parboiled Sella Rice

IRRI 6 Parboiled Sella Rice


For the reproduction of such cereals, the grains, later preliminary soaking, are steamed under slight pressure. At the same time, the rice is unpeeled. At the end of the steam treatment, the mass of grains is dried, and then they are polished. IRRI 6 Parboiled (Sella Rice) at the exit looks slightly darkish, but dishes made from it do not differ in color from those cooked from ordinary cereals. As for white rice, to get it, grain delivered from the fields is not placed under steam but immediately polished.

What does the steam effect give? First, it allows you to get the most extensive quality groats. The difference between IRRI 6 Parboiled Sella Rice and ordinary rice lies primarily in its high nutritional value. The truth is that in the harvested grains, the most valuable is not the inner part but the shell. Steam and pressure drive essential components from the outer layers toward the grain.

It should be noted that positive differences occur in the grains after heat treatment. The starch in them is partially folded and turned into glucose, which our body takes better.


In addition to the value of IRRI 6 Parboiled (Sella Rice), another essential of this product is of exceptional importance. The point is that such cereals are much more comfortable to cook than regular rice. Due to the below gluten content, steamed grains maintain their integrity throughout cooking. They only become soft but do not collapse or stick together. It is also available that dishes made from such rice can be enjoyed with satisfaction even after warming up. The groats will not hold together, and the taste will be preserved.


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