Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice



Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice

Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice

Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice is aromatic, but its aroma and taste differ from other aromatic rice types. Some explain this flavor as popcorn flavor. This rice is more expensive than all types of rice in the world. Basmati 1121 has high amylase brand and a twisted, nearly dry texture. The grain is long and thin, similar to southern long-grain rice, only slightly smaller. Parboiled rice is gently washed, soaked in hot water, 1121 steamed at low pressure, then ground and bleached. When prepared, the grains grow more than two and a half times. The best Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice has been aged for at least a year, contributing to an improvement in the hardness of the texture, and the grains become richer when cooked.


Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice from PRO-GCC allows you to cook incredible dishes from one of the unique cuisines in the world. This variety is grown only in its country, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the soil, water, environmental and climatic conditions are ideal for producing a healthy product rich in minerals and B vitamins. Long, even grains that do not stick together during cooking make Basmati the best side dish, and the truly delicious flavor allows you to serve it without any dressing.


You can buy Indian steam 1121 rice Basmati SellaZaroonwith home delivery in worldwide and the region in Asia.



Basmati rice is native to the northern part of India. Here it is referred to as “the grain of the gods,” and it forms the basis of the food of the entire country’s population. The word “basmati” is translated from Hindi as “full of flavor.” This class is a variety of the annual Oryza sativa rice.


In ancient times, this variety was developed on snow-fed lawns at the foot of the Himalayas and the plains on the border of north India and Pakistan. As before, the arguments of these countries about a unique terrier (a combination of soil and climatic circumstances and special characteristics of the area) give Basmati a unique aroma and taste, described in sacred books and chronicles not fall: each ascribes value to itself.


Indian Basmati Rice 1121 Steam Rice is also credited with “kingship” due to its beneficial properties. So, according to the Canadian Diabetic Association, the product has a glycemic index of 56-69 (for comparison: an ordinary white has 89). This means that basmati rice is suitable for people with diabetes and is also an excellent dietary product.


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