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What is Frankincense

In the genus Boswellia, Frankincense is the dried sap of the trees. The arbors grow in Oman, Yemen, and the Horn of Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia included. When the sapphire is dried, it is burnt with incense and is supposed to contain many medicines. Frankincense manufacturers wound the tear using a traditional chisel-like instrument, whereby milky white sap leeches from the opening and creates “tears.” According to an Omani tour leader, the first sapphire is not collected, and the wood is removed from impurities. The hole, after this, gets dry and deeper, and after approximately two weeks, the seas drained.

In Oman, frankincense was one of the Mediterranean region’s most significant products of commerce. The historic port town of Khor Rori in the vicinity of Salalah is part of a UNESCO World Historic Site, which contains more archaeological sites along the Dhofar Coast. Donkeys and camels transported bundles of open-candled resin to ships to Mesopotamia, India, and China to wait for their voyage. Zaroon Traders are the biggest exporter of frankincense all over the world.

The usage of Frankincense

There are claims of various possible advantages such as anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and even cancer characteristics. However, not enough study has been carried out to substantiate these assertions. Therefore, before taking any supplements, you should always speak with your doctor.


Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties since certain chemicals which make up the essential oils are essential for inflammation mediation by blocking lipoxygenase.

Some studies have shown that loose incense can reduce arthritic inflammation. However, many of these studies have failed to fulfill rigorous research criteria, suggesting that additional research needs to be understood.


Studies have shown that antiseptic and antibacterial Frankincense may function because of the phenolic acid it contains, which helps decrease minor illnesses.

Boswellic acid in laboratory tests was efficient at combating cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease-related bacteria. In addition, Frankincense has been found to increase gingivitis symptoms and reduce the swelling of the illness in research involving 75 high school students. More clinical studies are, however, needed to show any definitive findings.

Skin Care

In skincare products, frankincense essential oils are usually discovered to smooth, tighten, and firm the skin. However, these assertions have little proof. Contact Zaroon Trading to Import & Export of Frankincense.


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