C9 Steam Rice



C9 Steam Rice

The C9 Steam Rice is a unique technology that enhances the quality features of rice grains. As a result of C9 Steam Rice processing steam, vitamins and minerals from the shells pass to the grain, which acquires an amber-yellow tint and becomes less fragile. When steaming, the grain is moistened and warmed, causing the starch to heat and making the grain more monolithic. The demand of C9 rice in Asia is very high especially in Pakistan and you will find c9 rice traders in Pakistan because of c9 rice steam demand.


We are the leading producer and exporter of the highest quality C9 Steam Rice in Pakistan. Our rice is good in taste and speaks volumes about purity, nutrition, delicious taste, and rich aroma. Hygienically processed and packaged by industry standards, our rice is widely valued globally due to its high nutritional value.


The quality of the C9 Steam Rice we produce is comparable to world standards! It’s excellent rice, with homogeneous grains and great taste! We Zaroon Traders offer C9 Steam Rice in several packages from 500g to 5kg. The demand for our rice is constantly growing. We have made considerable strides in a short time, which has led to many representatives in different regions of the Pakistani Federation.


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