Basmati Rice Kainat



Basmati Rice Kainat

Basmati Rice Kainat is a particular type of long grain rice. It has a distinctive smell home to the Asian subcontinent.

Basmati Rice Kainat is a Tradition of South Asia, so it is often grown in Pakistan and Bharat; they do not know traditional regular rice, grains of this type of cylindrical rice shape, the length of the grain it is about 1 centimeter, and the cultivation of this species takes a long time, about 130 days; 100 grams of it is around 120 calories and has a beautiful and delicious flavor, which makes the taster change from the use of regular rice and is considered quality rice, due to its excellent shape, with its long grain, which is the visible grain with a grain.

Benefits of Basmati Rice Kainat:

Beneficial for the intestines and stomach as it contains 20% fiber like other rice types, and fiber facilitates the functioning of the intestines and stomach.

Refreshes the soul and sets the mood to produce a distinctive, potent smell when cooked, different from the essence of ordinary rice short grain, because it contains two acetyl 1-person. This chemical gives a distinct smell, a substance that is now in 90 parts of a billion.

Reduces weight and is used in foods because it contains fewer calories than others; every 100 grams of Basmati Rice Kainat gives approximately 120 calories.

Fights wrinkles and skin are stretching because it contains amounts of vitamin B compound, which decreases the number of free radicals harmful to the body, which are produced after metabolism. Therefore you are healthy to eat this type of rice.

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