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Continental Spices

Fresh Organic Continental Spices


Fresh Organic Rice from our farmers

Type – Whole rubbed, or ground herb leaf, fresh or dried.

Characteristics – Pungent grey green herb with fuzzy leaves, oblong shape.

Used in – Stuffins, meats, poultry, soups, stews, salads, fish

Type – Fresh or dried herb leaf.

Characteristics – Fragrant herb of the mint family. Available in Summar Savory or Winter Savory, Summer Savory is preferred more.

Used in – Salads, eggs, vegetables, stuffings, soups, meats, fish, sauces

Type – Whole or seed.

Characteristics – Small yellowish seed with a nutty taste. High oil content produced in Asia.

Used in – Can be roasted and used in bread, rolls, salads, oriental cuisine etc.

Product Name Tangerine Orange
Remark: 1) fresh, juicy, Sweet and sour taste
2) thin-skinned, little seed, without dregs
3) nutritious, high quality, good for health
Origin Pakistan
Temperater in Container 3 °C-5°C fresh mandrain orange
Available period From Middle or late November to next April.
Diameters 3.5-5.5cm

Type – Fresh, dried, pickled, herb leaf.

Characteristics – Delicate green herb that is both mint & liquor ice-like. Small oblong leaf.

Used in – Bearnaise sauce, Tarragon vinegar, chicken, fish, salads, dressings, eggs.

Product Details Ingredient Declaration Thyme Flavor And Odour Characteristic, aromatic odour Appearance Green chopped leaves Moisture 10% Colour Green

Type – Ground Spice

Characteristics – An intense yellow root of the ginger family. Mild but peppery flavour.

Used in – Curry powder, pickles, relish, salads, eggs, rice, Indian curries etc.

Style Fresh
Type Orange
Cultivation Type Common
Maturity 90%
Size (cm) 5-6
Place of Origin Pakistan


Fresh Organic Fruits from our farmers


Fresh Organic Vegetables from our farmers.

It has a very sturdy and productive bush type plant that bears tender string less pods that are 6″ long. It has excellent disease resistance and matures in about 52 days. The Tender green Improved bean, a heat tolerant and disease resistant strain of bean, most likely comes from the research of seed expert Calvin N.

A horticultural type bush bean, Dragon Tongue is probably the best multipurpose bean available. It’s suited to use as a fresh snap bean or as a shelled bean when fully mature. As a snap, harvest when the flat beans turn from lime green to buffed yellow with bright purple stripes.

Long, string less pods with deep, rich color. … ‘Soleil‘ (OP, 60 days) produces beautiful, uniformly slender filet-style beans, but with a gorgeous yellow color and great flavor.

Juicy-sweet and meaty with wonderful crunchy texture, Musica is the earliest, most productive pole bean we’ve ever grown. The broad, flat, 7 to 9 inch long pods have slightly scalloped edges and unsurpassed rich flavor.

This treasured heirloom is a crisp, flavorful treat. Displaying lavender flowers against the bright green leaves with purple veins and stems, the very productive 6-8′ vines are highly ornamental. When cooked, the rich purple 7-10″ pods turn bright green.

Pick when pods are small to medium size to avoid development of “strings.” A favorite across the South, Rattlesnake is a full-flavored bean with a sweet, rich taste. Green pods are streaked with purple (changes to green when cooked). Very tender and freezes without becoming “rubbery” like most bean varieties.

This string less French pole bean produces exceptionally long, medium-green pods that grow to over 27cm (11”). Fortex can also be harvested at 15-20cm (6-8”) for extra slender filet beans. Fortex filet pole bean seeds produce vigorous climbing vines that require the support of a trellis or pole.

The Kentucky Wonder is an heirloom pole bean plant with high yields and a dark green color! Delicious heirloom pole bean with heavy yields. Kentucky Wonder is a popular heirloom that is easy to grow in all parts of the country. An all-purpose bean that taste great fresh, freezing or canning when pods are young.

Dry Fruits

Fresh Organic Fruits from our farmers

Sea Food

Fresh Organic Sea Food from our farmers



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Zaroon Trading is one of the leading food-trading companies in the UK, committed to provide a wide range of premium quality products to businesses engaged in HoReCa

Zaroon trading has evolved as one of the best companies for foodstuff supply, food trading, and repackaging services. We are a trading company that offers high-quality food products. The wide range includes fruits, pulses, vegetables, meat, dry fruits, kinds of seafood, frozen food, meat, continental spices, and rice. Our services are UK based, and we focus on the quality of what we offer to our clients. The entire workforce is benefitted through employment opportunities and a brighter future. For maintaining the freshness of our products during the whole procedure and delivery, we avail the facility of freezers and chillers in our warehouses.

Zaroon trading believes in delivering the clients with the best from the best sellers. We promised to supply these organic products with great vitality for all those who trust us. We believe in trust, hard work, and dedication in our work. We aim to provide a massive opportunity for the farmers through our business. Our steady goal is to stay restricted to organic poultry and agriculture to benefit the country and people there.

The leading factors our company holds are quality, customer support, organic products, fast and efficient supply, free shipping services, and packaging full of love and care. Our trusted farmers in the UK use Climate-friendly methods. We aim to stick with the best food traders throughout our journey. Our client’s satisfaction and healthy happiness are all that we need. Zaroon trading has always stood against unhealthy food suppliers and has eliminated such threats from the roots of our company.

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