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Continental Spices

Fresh Organic Continental Spices

Type – Ground Spice

Characteristics – An intense yellow root of the ginger family. Mild but peppery flavour.

Used in – Curry powder, pickles, relish, salads, eggs, rice, Indian curries etc.


Fresh Organic Rice from our farmers

Type – Whole or ground powder.

Characteristics – Sweet, aromatic, the kernel of nutmeg fruit. Grown in Netherlands and India.

Used in – Baked goods, pies, cream, sauces, soups, chicken, veal, vegetable dishes, desserts and bread

Type – Leaf or ground herb either fresh or dried.

Characteristics – Pungent herb, similar to marjoram, but stronger. Native to Italy and Mexico, grown domestically.

Used in – Italian and Mexican dishes, tomato sauces, soups, sauces, pizza, stews, meats, pasta etc

Type – Ground Spice.

Characteristics – Ground from the dried sweet red pepper. Spanish: Bright & Mild. Hungarian: Dark & more pungent.

Used in – Fish, seafood, meats, salads, sauces, dressings, garnish etc

Type – Fresh leaf herb in bunches. Dried.

Characteristics – Green leaf, curly or flat, With delicate sweet flavour. Is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Used in – Garnish, fried, stews, sauces, salads, vegetables, potatoes.

Type – Whole as peppercorns / black, white or green cracked/fine ground or powder.

Characteristics – Small hard berry. Black Pepper: Pungent, aromatic. White Pepper: Made after removing the black outer covering which is milder. Adds a sharp tang to all foods. Gree: PAcked in mild brine.

Used in – Widely used in many food dishes.

Type – Whole leaf herb, fresh or dried.

Characteristics – Light green leaf resembling pine needles. Very aromatic. Once grown, very healthy and strong, even in cold weather.

Used in – Lamb, fish, beef, sauces, soups, stews, salads and marinades.

Fresh Navel Orange Class A
Size: 44/48/56/64/72/80/88/100/113/125
Color: Orange seedless

Shape: Round more juicy

Origin : Pakistan


Product Details Ingredient Declaration Saffron Flavor And Odour A little bitter Appearance Red powder Moisture 8% Colour Red


Fresh Organic Fruits from our farmers


Fresh Organic Vegetables from our farmers.

Kabocha is hard on the outside with knobbly-looking skin. It is shaped like a squat pumpkin and has a dull-finished, deep-green skin with some celadon-to-white stripes and an intense yellow-orange color on the inside.

Product Details
Product Name Pumpkin Squad
Harvest 90 days
Colour Orange
Hybrid Yes
Weight 1.4kg
Selling Units Single Item
Product Details
Product Name Spaghetti Squash
Size Small to Medium in Size
Colour Light Brown
Availability Year-Round
Nutritional value Vitamin A, Folate, Folic acid
Application Cooked Application

pea is a most commonly green, occasionally golden yellow, or infrequently purple pod-shaped vegetable, widely grown as a cool-season vegetable crop. The seeds may be planted as soon as the soil temperature reaches 10 °C (50 °F), with the plants growing best at temperatures of 13 to 18 °C (55 to 64 °F).

Maxibel was the first full-size, high-quality, bush filet bean on the market. Very straight, dark green, 7 inch pods are borne on 22–26 inch tall sturdy bushes. Best suited for hand picking, the concentrated sets are easy to harvest. Unsurpassed bush bean flavor.

BeanBushContenderContender is one of the best bush beans ever. It is a heavy cropper with round-oval pods and a strong, distinctive flavor. It’s an early bean that does well under short seasons and cool conditions, but it will thrive in hot weather too.

fine French delicacy, Rolande is the very best “filet” or “haricot vert” variety with deep green, truly gourmet beans of delicate flavor and superb quality. They are sensational simply steamed to serve whole with a knob of sweet butter and a sprinkle of fresh chopped herbs.

The bush bean Blue Lake 274 (Phaseolus vulgaris), is an old time favorite with reliability, great flavor, large yields and disease resistance. The bean was developed in 1961 from the Pole Blue Lake variety. It is well-known in the canning industry because its crop matures all at once, making canning a much easier task.

Dry Fruits

Fresh Organic Fruits from our farmers

Sea Food

Fresh Organic Sea Food from our farmers



Foodstuff Supply


Food Trading


Repackaging Services

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Who We Are

new generation food system

Zaroon Trading is one of the leading food-trading companies in the UK, committed to provide a wide range of premium quality products to businesses engaged in HoReCa

Zaroon trading has evolved as one of the best companies for foodstuff supply, food trading, and repackaging services. We are a trading company that offers high-quality food products. The wide range includes fruits, pulses, vegetables, meat, dry fruits, kinds of seafood, frozen food, meat, continental spices, and rice. Our services are UK based, and we focus on the quality of what we offer to our clients. The entire workforce is benefitted through employment opportunities and a brighter future. For maintaining the freshness of our products during the whole procedure and delivery, we avail the facility of freezers and chillers in our warehouses.

Zaroon trading believes in delivering the clients with the best from the best sellers. We promised to supply these organic products with great vitality for all those who trust us. We believe in trust, hard work, and dedication in our work. We aim to provide a massive opportunity for the farmers through our business. Our steady goal is to stay restricted to organic poultry and agriculture to benefit the country and people there.

The leading factors our company holds are quality, customer support, organic products, fast and efficient supply, free shipping services, and packaging full of love and care. Our trusted farmers in the UK use Climate-friendly methods. We aim to stick with the best food traders throughout our journey. Our client’s satisfaction and healthy happiness are all that we need. Zaroon trading has always stood against unhealthy food suppliers and has eliminated such threats from the roots of our company.

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